Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia

Join us at Mineral & Gem Asia and tap business opportunities in Asia

The second edition of Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia will be held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 23 to 26 June 2016.  The fair will feature exciting exhibitors coming from all over the world and provide players in the minerals, rough gemstones and fossils trade a springboard to expand their business, widen their networks and gather the latest market intelligence.

Highlights in 2015

• Over 4,600 visitors from 55 countries and regions attended the fair.  Over 1,900 of the total number of visitors were trade buyers including exhibitors and visitors from June Hong Kong Jewellery & gem Fair.

• For the first time in Asia, a pair of two fighting dinosaur fossils – “Allosaurus atrox & Suuwassea emilieae” was displayed.

• The dinosaur fossil – “Tyrannosaurus Rex (King Kong)” returns to Hong Kong and open to the public.

• A genus of bird-like dinosaur fossil - Archaeopteryx was showcased for the first time in Asia.

• Popular game activity and a series of education workshops were held onsite.

• Six informative seminars were conducted by global prominent speakers.

• For the first time to display the fossil unearthed from Hong Kong.

• “Treasures World” zone features over 10 globally renowned mineral houses and rare and beautiful mineral specimens were showcased. 

One Trip Two Attractions

The June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair will be held concurrently with the Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia.  This special arrangement will enable gemstone exhibitors and buyers at the June Fair to attend 6MG to explore and experience the invaluable dinosaur fossils, rare natural stones and buy mineral specimens in one trip.

Quote from the Organiser

“The launch of Mineral & Gem Asia was an important milestone in UBM Asia’s fair history.  We were glad that the fair had received great support from the industry.  Over 100 exhibitors showcased the world’s rare and invaluable minerals & fossils as well as decorative gemtstone products.  It gave global buyers a platform to source effectively from suppliers from around the world without having to travel to many overseas shows.”

- Mr Wolfram Diener, Senior Vice President, UBM Asia

Quote from the Partner

“As the world’s No 1 hub for gems and jewellery Hong Kong is the perfect place to establish an international mineral show.  UBM did a great job in organising this first edition of “Mineral & Gem Asia”.  With its modern venue, a high quality exhibitor list and the attracting special exhibition this was an excellent start with the potential to become Asia’s leading mineral show.”

- Mr Christoph Keilmann, CEO of Mineralientage München Fachmesse GmbH, the fair organiser of The Munich Show

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