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Join us at Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia and tap business opportunities in Asia

The third edition of Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia will be held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 22 to 25 June 2017.  The fair will feature exciting exhibitors coming from all over the world and provide players in the minerals, rough gemstones and fossils trade a springboard to expand their business, widen their networks and gather the latest market intelligence.

Highlights in 2016

Invaluable 150 Million Year Old Fossil to be displayed in Hong Kong by Interprospekt HK / Granada Gallery

The “Drama” is a life scene caught in the rock. A pterosaur was fishing near the surface of a quiet saltwater, eating small fishes when it was, itself, hunted by a large predatory fish. Still linked together, both carcasses sank to the sea floor to be preserved in exquisite detail. Now 150 million years later encased in stone we are able to witness their drama. This specimen was found in 2009 in a plattenkalk quarry in Southern Germany. The indepth study of this dramatic fossil has revealed clues to the behavior and ecology of these animals like no other individual fossil has been able to do before. This incredible fossil was presented together with two pterosaurs and one icon of the ocean, a 150 million year old amazing shark.


"Exceptional Fossils from the world famous Jurassic Solnhofen Limestone in Germany" by Stephen Hui Geological Museum

One of the world’s most famous Fossil Lagerstätte is the Jurassic Solnhofen Limestone in Germany which came to fame with the discovery of a number of complete Archaeopteryx fossils. The Stephen Hui Geological Museum of the University of Hong Kong presented you 11 rare and exceptionally preserved fossil animals from the 150 million year old Upper Jurassic Solnhofen Limestone, some up to 90 cm in diameter. A horseshoe crab with its preserved death trail is one of the highlights while other fossils including bony fish, lobster, rock lobster, beetle and squid were also be displayed.

Scavenger Hunt Game

The Scavenger Hunt game was organised by the fair organiser and The Mineralogy Society of Hong Kong for all visitors to participate. Participants had to find the Hunt Box counters in the exhibition hall and answer the simple questions in order to redeem one set of "Mineral & Fossil" magnet. The game was fun and a good experience of learning for the whole family.                 

Two Fairs • One Trip

The June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair will be held concurrently with the Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia 2017.  This special arrangement will enable gemstone exhibitors and buyers at the June Fair to attend the third edition of Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia  to explore and experience the invaluable dinosaur fossils, rare natural stones and buy mineral specimens in one trip.

Quote from the Organiser

 “The second edition of Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia benefitted from the success of the first edition. Exhibitors and buyers from around the world did business with each other while visitors of all ages participated in the workshops and presentations and enjoyed displays designed to advance knowledge about gemstones, natural mineral specimens, and rare fossils. We expect the Fair to enhance its appeal through a wider variety of exhibits in future editions - that is certainly our goal.”

 - Mr Wolfram Diener, Senior Vice President, UBM Asia

Quote from the Partner

“Moving the second edition of “Mineral & Gem Asia” to the convention center downtown Hong Kong and matching the opening dates to one of the most important gem and jewelry shows worldwide was a clever strategic decision by UBM Asia. In spite of stagnation of  sales and difficult market situations, “Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia” showed its great potential in combining these range of products and creating overall synergies.  I am convinced that “Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia” plays an important role in the future, not only for Asia.”

- Mr Christoph Keilmann, CEO of Mineralientage München Fachmesse GmbH, the fair organiser of The Munich Show

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